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W D S Associates Legal Services Ltd

Since 2000, Harrison Barnes, founder of BCG Attorney Search, and his experienced legal recruiters have placed thousands of lawyers and are leaders in the service of lawyers. These companies include the world`s largest and most popular legal construction site, LawCrossing; L. WDS Associates & Co Ltd was founded in 1992 and incorporated in 1996. In 2005, WDS Associates Legal Services Ltd was established as the successor to WDS Associates & Co Ltd. WDS Associates is now a leading legal services firm operating in England and Wales. The company was one of the first companies to offer the public a flat rate of 1% for real estate services. We specialise in end-of-life financial advice as well as highly experienced in all types of requirements and properties of all sizes. The company provides a bespoke will drafting service at the highest level for the public, IFAs, accountants and many other professional associations. The company also specialises in trusts, powers of attorney, rent separation and other related legal documents, with a full support team based in our Bristol operations centre.

I can`t understand all the negative reviews about Trustpilot for WDS or specifically for Mike Diamond. I only treated Mike once, via email, but I got an inquiry about something the company did for us three years ago through a very nice gentleman who has now retired, and Mike came back to me in a very short time with a clear answer, concise and above all polite and efficient at my request. My wife and I have been clients of WDS for over twenty years, first to replace our very old wills, which mentioned people who were long dead but did not mention their grandchildren, and then, in 2019, to give us permanent powers of attorney, as well as other updates to wills and other mundane but necessary legal things. They will act as executors when the time comes, all for a 1% royalty from our estate (so they won`t do much with it!), and in the meantime, they store the originals of all documents for us as part of the original service. They are not cheap, but they know their areas of expertise very well and their staff has always been efficient, courteous and friendly. They took away a lot of worries about what might happen as we age, and we highly recommend them. My advice would be to ignore the negative reviews and continue with WDS; Bad reviews often seem to ignore the fact that under data protection laws, the firm can only discuss a client`s affairs with third parties if the client has given consent or signed a power of attorney in favour of the third party. Dear Cara, Due to data protection laws, we require a signed power of attorney from our customers to discuss their account with you; I asked for evidence to confirm who you are, as emails can come from anyone. Once I have your mother`s written consent, I can give you all the information you need. I hope that you and anyone reading this negative response will understand that we owe a duty of care to our client and that we must protect their account and personal information. This is concerning as you have never spoken to the Managing Director as you are not one of our clients, so we now have to follow strict guidelines to confirm that we are authorised to discuss our client account with you.

I will be more than happy to assist you once our client confirms that it is acceptable to do so. Sincerely, Charlie. UPDATE: Dear Cara, if you want to come to the office to see me, I would really appreciate it if I received emails from someone claiming to be you, saying that your mother has no mental capacity, and I want to show you so that we can sort everything out and make sure your mother`s personal information is safe. Please can send me an email with a date on Thank you, Charlie. Cara – please contact me or visit me at the office so I can show you these emails, if it`s not from you, we need to make sure we protect your mother`s data. Thank you. Charlie. If I could give less than 1 star, I would. Please note that they are not regulated at all. Cold call constantly and even if they are told many times that their services are not necessary, they go to your home address and demand to speak to you.

I tried to complain and was directly called “disgusting” by Mike Diamond. No professionalism, just complete predatory behavior. Shambolic companies without a regulator that exploits vulnerable people. The company also specialises in trusts, powers of attorney, lease separation and other related legal documents, with a full support team in its Bristol operations centre. WDS partners are members of PALS (The Professional Association of Legal Services). Terrible customer service – my in-laws simply wanted a new will, but ended up paying £4,000 for extra services they didn`t need. Ten months later, the will was still not finished and WDS`s contact person proved elusive again and again. When the WDS CEO was contacted, his response was to call this cute couple old liars! The WDS Associates team prides itself on being highly experienced in all legal and estate service requirements of all sizes, and also specializes in end-of-life financial advice. I have been using WDS services for over twenty years. They prepared the will for my wife and me, provided updates and advice when circumstances changed, revised the will when my wife sadly passed away eight years ago, and also helped me with two APLs.

I recently had to register a trust and found Charlie Diamond very quickly to answer my questions. So my experience has been very positive and I will be happy to continue using their services. Lyons Davidson Solicitors is a full-service law firm operating throughout the UK. For over 40 years, we have been providing services to the business, personal and insurance industry in a user-friendly, cost-effective and dynamic manner. In addition to our legal work, WDS Associates supports many charities, including the RSPCA and the Emergency Services Show (ESS). Not regulated by a licensed legal services regulator, WDS Associates Legal Services Limited practices law in the following areas and works with clients to provide the best possible legal solutions. We are a full-service law firm and leading industry specialists. Our combination of expertise, true teamwork and client engagement sets us apart, which is why we believe we can offer the best and most effective legal solutions to help you succeed. Wds helped me and my family through difficult times with good advice and kindness, we saw the light at the end of a dark tunnel I can`t thank them enough 5⭐️ No disciplinary or regulatory decisions regarding this company are currently published. Read our policy on publication decisions. Dear Rebecca, I am sorry to read your negative review and I would like to talk to you personally because you did not complain? For data protection reasons, I also cannot go into the details of this response here, but I will be happy to assist you in raising and investigating a formal complaint. Please call me as soon as possible on 0117 9151863.

Thank you, Charlie. **UPDATED RESPONSE** Dear Rebecca, since you are not a registered power of attorney, I cannot share any information with you. However, if you ask your father to contact me personally, I can explain things to him. Thank you, Charlie. I recently spoke to Kath at the front desk about my mother`s standing power of attorney and found her to be very friendly and helpful and gave me good, expert advice. It didn`t cost anything, but if I need their help in the future, the prices seem very reasonable. A great help. Thank you very much. We used WDS to prepare our wills and APLs. They were helpful and attentive at all times. Due to Covid travel restrictions, it was necessary to change our LPAs and the changes are made without any problems. Check out these TrustPilot reviews before using these scammers, because that`s what they are, plain and simple.

Don`t entrust them with your precious money. I had a horrible experience (no customer service, ignoring my requests for documents for my late father) and refused to answer simple questions for no reason. The “director” handed me over to the office manager when I began to question the credibility of the organization. They all now ignore my emails, phone calls, and most importantly, my mom`s emails and calls (she`s their supposed VIP customer). By the way, they snatched it from her and my father £3.5,000 – for writing a will. I have them reviewed. If I could rate lower, I would. As I said earlier, they were more than happy to send me anything I asked until I questioned their credibility. Now, suddenly, the office manager (not the manager I spoke to) asks for an LPA. hazardous? I have a real lawyer looking into this today. As for Charlie`s latest lie, I`ve spoken to Mike Diamond over the years via email (listed on Companies House as a director).

If Mike didn`t answer, you`d lie again. Either way, you`re corrupting the UPDATED comment on Linda Williams` review. Charlie lies. My mother has full capacity. I never said she didn`t. I can`t stand the idea of more innocent people being treated the way we are.

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