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Victorian Federation of Community Legal Centres

We recognize that it will take some time for the changes to be fully integrated into work practices. In the third phase, we are providing two years (2020-2021 and 2021-2022) to Victoria Legal Aid`s CLC Funding and Development Program to help centres adapt to new processes and requirements. In the third phase, we are increasingly focusing on how we can support the professional development of the sector through capacity building activities. ATSILS and other stakeholders were alarmed by the announcement of the new unified national funding mechanism for all legal services, which is expected to come into effect from July 2020. [67] The Human Rights Law Center, the Law Council, and others have called on the government to maintain ILAP. [68] [55] [69] The Aboriginal Legal Service (NSW/ACT), founded in 1970, was the first Aboriginal legal service,[55] and can be considered the first ATSILS. The Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service (established in 1973[56]) has been providing contracted legal services in Victoria since April 2005 and the Aboriginal Legal Service of Western Australia in WA. The system was extended to Queensland in June and to other states and territories thereafter. [57] Equivalent services are referred to in the United Kingdom by the legal centres[7] and in New Zealand as Community Law Centres.

[8] The centres provide individuals with a variety of legal services, including legal advice and traditional interventions, at little or no cost, and implement early intervention and prevention strategies, such as: training and developing legal skills in the community, and engaging in policy and legal reforms. [4] They insist on demystifying the law and strengthening communities in their relationship with the law, in particular by encouraging communities to participate in their activities. [6] Each year, the centres help hundreds of thousands of people by providing a range of services to individuals as well as the community at large. The centres offer a range of legal services and implement early intervention and prevention strategies, such as municipal legal education and community development, as well as individual capacity building. Community legal centres also play a key role in community engagement, advocacy, and legal and policy reforms. There are also a number of local centres, including the Fitzroy Legal Service,[49] which was established on 18 December 1972, making it Australia`s first non-Aboriginal legal centre. [50] Community Legal Centres South Australian Inc. (CLCSA) is the governing body for all community law centres in South Australia. [36] There is a network of designated centers in different areas across the state,[37] as well as specialized services focused on areas such as homelessness, Indigenous domestic violence, asylum seekers, women, consumer credit, and other areas. [38] Community law centres are funded in part by a complex and variable mix of state and federal funds, delivered both directly (e.g. through grants) and indirectly. They are also funded by the proceeds of case processing.

However, they rely heavily on the efforts and support of vast networks of volunteers, lawyers and non-lawyers, to fill them without pay, without which they would not survive. Through the Community Legal Services Program (CHSP), we provide and manage funding to 43 centres, Djirra, Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service and the Federation of Community Legal Centresexternal link. In 2020-2021, we contributed approximately $57 million to these centres. This funding includes core funding and earmarked funding related to the provision of certain services. The CLSP assists CLCs in providing legal aid and related activities to improve access to justice in Victoria. To do this, the CLSP administers funds (grants) to CLCs on behalf of the Commonwealth and state governments, as well as grants funded by Victoria Legal Aid (VLA). Community Law Centres (CLCs) are independent community organizations that provide free legal services to those in need.

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