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We believe that pro bono volunteering is a unique form of volunteerism through which we use our skills and resources to benefit society and underserved communities. Latham`s lawyers around the world share the belief that it is important for us as an institution to contribute pro bono. As a result, the culture of pro bono is deeply rooted in our business and we are engaged across the spectrum of the public interest. In addition to pro bono legal work, you can join Latham`s lawyers who donate their time, talents and money through charitable initiatives. You can work with a variety of nonprofits and charities we currently work with, or bring new purposes and charities to the business. We are currently building relationships with programs that support: Be part of one of the largest pro bono legal service providers in the world. In 2020, Latham provided approximately 260,000 pro bono legal services worldwide, valued at over $208 million. Between 2000 and 2020, Latham provided nearly 4 million pro bono hours of free legal services to underserved individuals and families, as well as the nonprofit sector, worth more than $2 billion. When you`re writing a story, creating art, composing or recording music, or taking a photo, you`re dealing with copyright.

Maybe reading, observing, or listening to other artists` work pushes you to create, or maybe you`re starting a whole new conversation. Would you like to know more about how this automatic right affects your work and what it covers? Or how can you use other people`s copyrighted material? We`ve put together a variety of resources to help you unleash YOUR creativity. At U.S. Legal Support, we are committed to providing highly qualified court reporters with experience in all aspects of testimony and litigation. As part of Hispanic Heritage Month, with the 2021 theme Esperanza: A Celebration of Hispanic Heritage and Hope, the U.S. Copyright Office celebrated this through a series of interviews with employees. These creators explore how hope and heritage influence their creative works and their connections to copyright and the Copyright Office. Find out in our newsletters what copyright covers and what doesn`t. These guides provide detailed and up-to-date information to explain copyright to the public.

Below are some of our most popular ones. To search our newsletter library by topic, click here and visit our FAQ page for quick answers to frequently asked questions. Latham will support your efforts to develop a pro bono practice and ensure that the doors of justice are open to all, regardless of income. Your work on pro bono issues will earn you full billable hourly credit with no cap. Rules relating to fees, services and payments of the Office. Spanish version available. Through Latham`s multi-pronged sustainable resource program – SMART (Sustainable Measures and Recycling Tactics) – you can help us take responsibility for our planet as we work to reduce the company`s environmental impact and conserve natural resources by operating our offices sustainably. To learn more about SMART, click here. U.S. Legal Support`s National Recovery Service is designed to obtain a variety of records through HIPAA-compliant authorizations and subpoenas. You can help us fulfill our responsibilities to the world around us by recognizing that our future depends on wise choices in the present.

When you join Latham, you are part of a professional community where we support each other not only in our daily professional lives, but also when we are faced with unexpected personal emergencies, crises and disasters. With this in mind, we have set up a fund, LathamCares – from voluntary donations – to provide grants to our colleagues who provide immediate and short-term financial relief for personal difficulties. Learn more about LathamCares here. Find out what to do if you find information on the Internet that you want to use. You can find more information about fair dealing in our index. Right to protection, rights holder, use of copyright and duration. Spanish version available. Learn more about registering your copyright claims, including some of our apps for certain common types of works. Do you want to know more or are you ready to take the next step? Save your work here. As part of Black History Month, with the 2021 theme Black Family: Representation, Diversity and Identity, the U.S.

Copyright Office celebrated its families and their ties to copyright law through a series of interviews with or about creative family members. These creators described what inspires them, the role of family, why art matters today, and their connections to copyright and the Copyright Office. US Legal Support provides court reporter services, case retrieval services, eDiscovery services, etc. US Legal Support is not affiliated with US Legal, Inc., but is highly recommended by US Legal, Inc. for its service. Learn examples of when ideas are not protected by law. Information for music and sound recordings. Information on the Music Modernization Act here. The who, what, where, when, why and how of copyright registration. What is not qualified: ideas; Methodology; names, titles and short phrases; Writing; and more. Visit their homepage or choose one of the links below. Visit US Legal Support.

Find out what copyright entails, including the types of works that are protected by copyright. Looking for more information? Our Learning Engine video series explains copyright principles and frequently asked questions on topics. U.S. Integrated eDiscovery Services Legal Support includes human capital, project management, facilities and technology for clients looking for robust solutions. Guidelines for filing a complete copyright claim and when the recording takes effect.

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