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Uoa Law Courses 2022

For full semester courses: April 26 is considered a Monday for classes. Classes that are regularly scheduled for Wednesday will be replaced by classes that are regularly scheduled for Monday. April 26 is also the last day for classes for the entire semester. Please register on the course eClass page: Here you will find information about the courses offered at the university. The course listings on this page are indicative only. Not all elective courses are offered in both semesters or per year. Please note that some classes have limited places – arrive early to avoid missing out. Dear PhD students, Welcome to the postgraduate programmes of the NKUA Faculty of Law.

The Faculty of Law Library will open on Wednesday 26. October 2022, from 14:00 to 15:00 (, a distance learning seminar on the operation, resources and services of the library at: Registration form heredocs.googl. Course-specific details for all courses (with the exception of specialization and professional training programs) are gradually created by academic fields in this standard format. Welcome to the Faculty of Law! Please see the resources in the right sidebar for information on courses, exams, and the academic year. Winter Session 2022-2023 – International Humanitarian Law (optional topic) The American Common Law System I is one of two courses that teach what distinguishes the common law approach as a legal methodology and as a reflection and commentary on the history and politics of the American experience from the early colonial period to the 21st century world. Students are welcome to register via E-Class: This course teaches Master of Legal Studies students how to find legal authorities relevant to legal issues. how to analyze a legal problem based on facts and laws; and how to communicate legal analysis in a logical and concise manner. * Although this is an elective course for the LLB, the Council for Legal Education (CLE) requires students who intend to be admitted to the bar to take this course. The course on Wednesday 12.10 on “Foundations of EU Law” is cancelled.

Protection of fundamental rights in the EU – Monday, 17.10, 17.00 To view a wide range of academic degrees/programs, including bachelor`s, honours, master`s degree and other awards, please visit Degree Finder. Curriculum Coordinator Hilary Edison 780-492-8443 Overall, public law deals with the organization of government and the relationship between government and its citizens. This course examines legal procedures and procedures in our civil and criminal justice systems. Students who are granted permission may submit a research paper in lieu of an exam (PILO) in each option. Learn more.

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