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Asian African Legal Consultative Organization (Aalco) Delhi

The Asian-African Legal Consultative Organization (AALCO) is an international governmental organization founded in 1956 that was originally intended to serve as an advisory council for member States on issues of international law. This was a consequence of the Bandung Conference, which took place in Indonesia in April 1955 and led to the creation of the Asian Legal Consultative Committee (ALCC). In April 1958, it changed its name to the Asia-Africa Legal Advisory Committee (AALCC) to reflect the growth of its members beyond the African part of the United Arab Republic. Since 2001, it has been known by its current name AALCO, reflecting the growth of its international status; currently an intergovernmental organization that has received a standing invitation from the United Nations to participate as an observer in the meetings and work of the General Assembly and to maintain a permanent office at Headquarters. The respective host Governments recognize their independent status as an international organization and have granted privileges and immunities to these centres. AALCO makes available to its Member States its expertise and assistance in the appointment of arbitrators and other matters related to the conduct of arbitration proceedings. Its centres also offer the possibility of training referees. The directors of the centers, from the circle of lawyers familiar with arbitration, are appointed on the proposal of the host governments and ratified by the Secretary General of AALCO. The Directors of the Centres present their reports on the operation of the Centres at the AALCO Annual Meetings.

The Asian-African Legal Consultative Organization (AALCO), originally known as the Asian Legal Consultative Committee (ALCC), was founded on November 15, 1956. It is considered a tangible result of the historic Bandung Conference held in Indonesia in April 1955. Seven Asian States, namely Burma (now Myanmar), Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), India, Indonesia, Iraq, Japan and the United Arab Republic (now the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Syrian Arab Republic), were the first Member States. Later, in April 1958, the name was changed to the Asia-Africa Legal Advisory Committee (AALCC) to include the participation of countries on the African continent. At the 40th meeting held at AALCC headquarters in New Delhi in 2001, the name of the committee was changed to the Asia-Africa Legal Consultative Organization (AALCO). This may seem like a small change in nomenclature, but it has a great symbolic significance that reflects the growing status of the organization and the place it has secured for itself in the family of international organizations. Under the auspices of the RTA seminars on current issues, the Asian-African Legal Consultative Organization (AALCO) proposed, at its 13th meeting in Lagos in 1973, that in addition to following up on unCITRAL`s work in the field of international commercial arbitration, the Organization should also independently study some of the most important practical issues related to this issue from the perspective of the Asia-Africa region. To have to. Accordingly, the Secretariat provided an overview of the study, which was well received by Member States. The Secretariat then prepared a detailed and comprehensive study, and the Sub-Committee on Commercial Law considered this study at the Tokyo meeting. – يرجى من المندوبين ال – ُيرجى من المندوبين التكرم بتقديم تصريحاتهم المكتوبة إلى األمانة العامة لمنظمة آلكو مسبًقا عبر ارجها في المحضر الحرفي للدورة.

[…] :ستكون وثائق الدورة . Membership of the Organization is open to all Asian and African States wishing to participate in the Organization in accordance with its Statutes and Legal Provisions (Article 2, paragraph 3, of the Statutes). Any applicant State shall send a written notice to the Secretary General of AALCO expressing its desire to participate in the Organization and declaring its acceptance of the statutes and legal regulations. Once received, the notification will be circulated to the governments of the Member States with a request to submit their comments within six weeks. Unless at least one third of the members of the Organization receive objections, the State concerned shall subsequently be declared admitted. مشروع االستنتاج 2 تعريف القاعدة القطعية للقانون الدولي العام )القواعد اآلمرة( تعتبر القاعدة القطعية من قواعد القانون الدولي العام )القواعد اآلمرة( هي قاعدة مقبولة ومعترف بها من قبل المجتمع الدولي . AALCO has changed its name from its original name Asian Legal Consultative Committee (ALCC) to Asian-African Legal Consultative Committee (AALCC) to reflect the participation of countries on the African continent.

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